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Carpenter Court

The roof and walkways of this residential building required urgent attention so the client turned to Langley for a reliable and thorough response within the tight timescale. The resulting specification was expertly installed by GWS Roofing & Loft Specialist Ltd, a Langley Approved Contractor, to a very high standard. The rooflights on the main roof needed care to work around, and the intricate design of chute outlets, architectural features and masonry abutments was addressed with skilful detailing in various metals.

Work continued without stoppage through extremely wet, cold weather, and the contractor liaised with tenants throughout the works in order to ensure they did not disrupt daily life, especially when materials were being delivered on site. They were also considerate of the needs of the tenants when replacing rooflights over their homes. Private balconies and communal walkways were refurbished using the Langley Paracoat system with additional protective tiles to allow the tenants to use the amenity areas without risk of damage to the waterproofing. The materials, design and workmanship are now covered by a Langley 20 year independent insurance backed guarantee.

Main System Products on Roof:

Parevapo SBS
Parafoam Ultra
Adepar JS VV
Parafor Solo GS

Main System Products on Walkways:

Parafoam Ultra
Paracoat Embedment Coat
GFM Embedment Fleece
Paracoat Top Coat

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