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School in Ruislip

BPG Architects and Surveyors
CWG Group
TA-25 Flat Roofing System

A combination of teamwork, safe practice and system selection has enabled CWG Group to complete a major school roof refurbishment that was finished in half the scheduled time. The Approved Contractor for Langley Waterproofing Systems Ltd won the circa £1.0m competitive tender, with a contracted duration of 54 weeks. Strategic scheduling of the works in partnership with the school following the Covid 19 pandemic close-down, together with the ease with which Langley’s TA-25 Flat Roofing System could be applied meant the actual programme accelerated and completed within six months.

“The school roofs had failed in almost every area across the school,” observed BPG’s Chris Bula. “We have a long-term relationship with, and are happy to use, Langley for the breadth of technical and site support provided and the quality of the whole service package- the flat roof system, Approved Contractor scheme guarantee and Langley being an LHC appointed supplier.”


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