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Sulivan School

Opus Waterproofing Solutions
Wilby + Burnett
TA-30 Flat Roofing System

Sulivan Primary School in Fulham has a history of defying the odds, overcoming external factors including the threat of closure to continue to deliver a quality learning environment where pupils exceed standards. The latest challenge faced was to find a way to efficiently upgrade its 30+ years old roofs to continue to provide a safe and efficient environment.

The recently-turned academy’s management team turned to leading Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) expert Wilby & Burnett for support.

Now, as a result of teamwork between Wilby & Burnett and one of its preferred suppliers Langley Waterproofing Systems Ltd, the seven roofs in urgent need of refurbishment equivalent to 50% of the school’s estate- have been completely refurbished and upgraded, delivering modern and compliant standards of insulation and weatherproofing.

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