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Environment and Society


Sustainable Solutions and Methods

Roofing that reduces our environmental impact

We work hard to conduct our business in the most sustainable way possible and do all we can to meet this ongoing challenge.  This includes providing the most modern, high quality, environmentally friendly products possible and supplying greener roofing solutions – solutions designed to perform better for longer, extending maintenance cycles and improving whole life costs.

Greater sustainability can also be achieved through more efficient working practices. For example, the vehicles we use are always appropriate to the size and scale of the job to minimise transport costs and emissions.

A state-of-the-art picking process ensures that only the right materials are selected for the project and are delivered on mixed pallets reducing vehicle space wastage and unnecessary transport. While route planning software, plots the most time and fuel efficient journeys to sites. We’re actively reducing our carbon footprint by endeavouring to bring in only the required products from our European manufacturing plants, driving down unnecessary vehicle and production emissions, whilst sourcing in the UK where possible. For green roofing projects, we use UK-grown sedum sourced from farms close to sites to ensure what we install is suited to that location’s local climate.

Our Shared Commitment

Working with those who share our beliefs


A combination of openness, dedication, teamwork and trust is what drives our team and their efforts, as well as those that we work with. We also expect our suppliers and partners to have the same strong environmental ethos that we do and share our commitment towards greater sustainability. Contractors are encouraged to adopt a ‘zero to landfill’ attitude and to aim towards recycling 100% of the waste generated on projects.

To help realise this goal we work closely with waste control specialists who are nominated in our project specifications. These specialists can assist in all aspects of waste management on site from collecting stripped up existing roofing materials to the off-cuts and debris from the new system.

Corporate Responsibility

Supporting those around us


Corporate social responsibility is extremely important to our organisation. It’s a reflection of who we are, what we believe in and how we achieve our goals; the core values we have built our business on. It includes our commitment to sustainable working within good business practice and how we interact with and support our
customers, suppliers, contractors and society as a whole. An example of this is our approach to supporting charities.

To acknowledge and reward the efforts of Langley employees nationwide, we are always happy to support charitable events they are involved in. From sponsored walks, runs and bike rides to auctions and appeals, this support to local events helps to benefit communities across the country.