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Langley TA-20 Built-Up-Roofing System (Torch Applied Installation*)

The TA-20 system, part of the Langley Parafor range, is a premium quality, torch applied*, high performance SBS elastomeric membrane warm roof system for flat or sloping roofs which carries a 20 year independently insured guarantee for both materials and workmanship.  The cap sheet is available in several colours for architectural purposes and delineating walkways etc. 

When to Specify

For new-build or refurbishment projects (where conditions allow, existing systems can be overlaid, avoiding costly strip-ups).  Suitable for all roof decks (timber boarding requires a nailed attachment layer in accordance with BS 8747:2007).


(1) Parafor Solo Cap Sheet, 5mm thick (4mm at selvedge), 5.71kg/m².

(2) Adepar JS self-adhesive partially bonded underlayer, 3mm thick, 3.6kg/m².

(3) Parafoam Ultra PIR Insulation Board** 50-140mm (10mm increments), 140mm = 4.48kg/m².

(4) Parevapo SBS Metal Lined Vapour Control Layer, 3mm thick, 3.8kg/m².

(5) Langley Primer.

(6) Concrete Deck.  

Total System Weight based on 140mm Insulation board = 17.59kg/m²

* A pour and roll option is available.              ** Insulation is available as a tapered (cut to falls) option.


Extremely robust, yet flexible roof covering, 8mm thick, (5mm cap sheet, 3mm underlay) Non-slip granule surface provides ample durability and puncture resistance for maintenance foot traffic.  Heavy duty polyester composite metal lined vapour barrier provides robust, watertight layer.


TA-20 membranes are covered by MOAT 31 (Reinforced Homogenous Coverings of SBS Elastomeric Bitumen). Parafor Solo GS has a F.AB fire rating.  Parafor Solo achieves a ‘resistance to damage’ rating of R4 (the highest level of acceptance) under MOAT 31.


Long term solution, life expectancy in excess of 30 years.


Parafor and Paradiene membranes are covered by a BBA Agrément Certificate.  Proven Technology: original SBS elastomeric bitumen membrane system.  Proven track record: products used in the UK and Europe since 1987.


  • System carries a 20 year independently insured guarantee for both materials and workmanship.
  • Can only be installed by approved contractors to ensure product quality is maintained
  • User friendly, quick and easy to install.
  • Full range of accessories/supporting products, all included under a single comprehensive guarantee, includes: rooflights, `refurbishment outlets, vents, lead-free flashings, edge trims etc.
  • All Langley elastomeric membranes have been developed in accordance with the European Union of Agrément (UEAtc) and are manufactured and tested in accordance with UEAtc MOAT special directives (Methods of Assessment and Testing).

Holistic Package

For users peace of mind, this system is supported by the full Langley package that includes: survey’s, condition reports and proposals, specifications, site monitoring and reporting, technical and design advice, guarantee inspections, all at no additional cost.

The above information is issued in good faith and without warranty and is intended as a guide only. The information comprises typical data and does not constitute a specification.