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Flat to Pitched Conversions

Why Convert?

Whilst flat roof membrane technology has improved considerably over the past decade, there are still many buildings suffering as a result of poor design principles and working practices at their inception.  Often consistent water ingress has rendered roof structures beyond repair and insulation useless, resulting in fairly intensive refurbishment being necessary.

These old and problematic flat roofs can be transformed and revitalised with the new, innovative Langley Flat to Pitched Roofing System.  With minimal disruption to occupants during installation, a Langley Flat to Pitched conversion provides an aesthetically pleasing solution to ongoing waterproofing problems whilst importantly, adding value to your building.

Northumberland Park, Haringey Flat to Pitch Project

Northumberland Park, Haringey Flat to Pitch Project

A timelapse video of a prestigious Flat to Pitch project Langley developed alongside Homes for Haringey and contractor Amber Construction Services Ltd.  The roof system consistes of a bespoke Langley Flat to Pitch roofing system and measured 3200m2 and ran over six blocks in total.


Langley has developed a range of roof refurbishment products that work sympathetically with any building regardless of age or type. This is shown in this superb example of London estate regeneration.

Please view our case study for this project here

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Its All In The Design

For many years now, most, if not all, flat to pitched conversions have been let and constructed on a “design and build” form of contract.  However, some of our clients have expressed concerns about “not being in control” or about “not having the most visually pleasing of completed projects”, and “not being included in the design loop”.

Having addressed most, if not all, of our client’s concerns, we at Langley feel we have a new and innovative approach to one of roofing’s most technically challenging disciplines.


Construction Principles

The Langley Flat to Pitched Roofing System is based around the following simple steps;

  • A lightweight galvanized steel truss which is erected on site.
  • This framework is then mechanically fastened to the building structure.
  • Typically it is then covered in a breathable membrane and battens.
  • Lightweight tile strips are then installed.
  • The supporting steelwork and any additional battens for the aluminium soffit and facia are also installed at this time.
  • The aluminium soffit, fascia and rainwater goods can then be installed in one operation.
  • The installation of down pipes, drain adaptors and new ground drainage can be completed once the scaffold has been removed.

Roof Finishes

Traditional roof finishes of clay, slate or concrete tiles can be considered and supplied, as well as a timber based truss system, however these material choices are dependent upon the ability of the building to carry these increased loads.  With this more flexible approach, considered design and the wide selection of materials available, Langley can assist the specifier in considering any type of construction for a flat to pitched conversion.


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