Hot Melt Roofing

Langley HM-40 system is a robust, durable and extremely fl exible monolithic, elastomeric hot-melt waterproofing system designed for both flat roofs (including ‘zero falls’) and structural waterproofing.

A fully bonded system, HM-40 is the ultimate waterproofi ng solution for protected roofs, green roofs, terraces and podium decks that carries a 40-year durability statement.

This system is for new-build projects where a protected membrane or green roof system is required. Primarily used for concrete substrates, it can also be used on plywood and for a warm (inverted) or cold roof configuration, protection can be either in the form of polystyrene insulation (warm roof), round washed pebbles, paving or a green roof.


Extremely robust, yet flexible, monolithic elastomeric waterproofng system, ideal for use as a base for a green roof.


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