Hot Melt Roofing


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    Langley HM-40 system is a robust, durable and extremely flexible monolithic, elastomeric hot-melt waterproofing system designed for both flat roofs (including ‘zero falls’) and structural waterproofing. A fully bonded system, HM-40 is the ultimate waterproofing solution for protected roofs, green roofs, terraces and podium decks that carries a 40-year durability.

    When to Specify

    This system is for new-build projects where a protected membrane or green roof system is required. Primarily used for concrete substrates, it can also be used on plywood and for a warm (inverted) or cold roof configuration, protection can be either in the form of polystyrene insulation (warm roof), round washed pebbles, paving or a green roof.

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    Building Information Modelling (BIM), continues to transform the construction landscape in both the public and private sector by providing  digital representations of a managed physical asset.

    BIM is a process that enables documentation and detailed, structured information to be stored and maintained in a digital equivalent of a built asset. Instead of painstakingly re-keying information, for example, at handover of the asset, BIM digital information can be seamlessly transferred and used for maintenance and the ongoing evolution of that asset.

    BIM essentially holds all product information centrally and digitally for ease of retrieval and reference. It is a collaborative process involving the entire supply chain and is a way of working, managing information in a multi team environment, enabling everyone to understand a building through the use of a digital model.

    The digital model holds all the information needed to assist in the design, construct and maintain that building.

    How to download BIM Objects - FREE

    Langley has committed and invested in the fastest-growing building information modelling (BIM) library in the UK, with the addition of its roofing systems available to download free of charge.

    All Langley BIM  objects within the NBS library meet the requirements of the internationally-recognised NBS BIM Object Standard.

    For access to download BIM objects click here

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