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CPA-20 C

CPA-20 C

  • Application

    The CPA-20 C (cold roof) system is part of the Langley Paracoat range of cold applied liquid waterproofing systems. Paracoat Cold Polyurea is an advanced, two component, high performance, fast curing, wet on wet, two coat cold polyurea waterproofing system that includes a slip-inhibiting finish for flat roofs, walkways and balcony areas that carries a 20 year independently insured guarantee for materials, design and workmanship.

    When to Specify
    This system is for projects where a slip-inhibiting finish is required and existing systems are to be overlaid (avoiding costly stripups). Suitable for application to most common deck types and waterproofing, including bituminous felt, mastic asphalt and single ply.

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