Reinforced Bituminous Membrane


  • Application

    Langley FM-20 SCR Built-Up-Roofing System

    (Mechanically Fixed Installation)

    The FM-20 SCR is a premium quality elastomeric overlay system for the refurbishment of existing systems where compatibility may be an issue such as single-ply membranes. Suitable for flat or sloping roofs. Cap sheet is available in several colours for architectural purposes and delineating walkways etc. This system carries an independently insured guarantee for 20 years for both materials and workmanship.


    When to Specify

    For refurbishment projects where an existing system has failed due to mechanical damage etc. The isolation layer of SCR Alliance has a non-woven polyester reinforcing fleece, which is exposed on the underside, creating a barrier that isolates the new and existing systems allowing them to be overlaid, avoiding costly strip-ups. Suitable for profiled metal, timber or plywood roof decks. Other deck types subject to the approval of Langley Technical Department.

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