Reinforced Bituminous Membrane

SA-20 Flame Free System

  • Application

    A traditional material with a revolutionary method of installation. The SA-20 Flame Free System, part of the Langley Safe2Torch commitment, is a premium quality, heat activated self-adhesive high performance SBS elastomeric membrane system for flat or sloping roofs which carries a 20 year independently insured guarantee for both materials and workmanship. No gas torches are required for any of the component layers which are installed entirely with self-adhesive technology or heat activation with a flameless hot air gun.

    When to Specify

    Ideal for projects where a flame free application is required due to either site restrictions or combustible materials, all products in the SA-20 system are self-adhesive/hot air welded to mitigate fire risk during installation. All system layers are highly versatile and can be used on refurbishment or new-build applications.

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