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Factory Mutual

Products tested to FMRC Standard 4470

FM Global

FM Global

FM Global is an insurance company based in the United States, with offices worldwide, that specialises in loss prevention services primarily to large corporations throughout the world in the Highly Protected Risk (HPR) property insurance market sector.  The main objective of FM Global is to help policy holders protect their properties from damage by fire, wind, explosion, boiler pressure vessel, machinery accidents and many other insured perils.

One of the ways that FM Global accomplishes its objective is by approval testing and listing of building components. FM Approvals is the business unit of FM Global that evaluates building components for use on facilities insured by the FM Global organization.

Langley and Factory Mutual Products

Langley has provided Factory Mutual products for many years now, this means we can provide a product line that meets stringent regulations so that the client can be happy in the knowledge that they are top quality materials.  This product range meets the Factury Mutual Research Corporation (FMRC) standard 4470 (1986), approval requirements for Class 1 Roof Covers.  This covers fire testing for potential interior fire spread, wind uplift, pressure tests and small scale comparative testing.

Langley Factory Mutual Products

Langley Factory Mutual Products

  • Paradiene VV
  • Paradiene VVS
  • Paradiene R4
  • Paradiene [35] SR4
  • Parafor Solo GS
  • Paradiene FM
  • Parafor Solo GFM
  • Parafoam Ultra Insulation

Factory Mutual Tests and Procedures

Tests to FMRC Standard 4470 (1986) - Class 1 Roof Covers

  • FMRC Calorimeter Fire Tests
  • FMRC Windstorm Classification Tests
  • Comparative Tensile Pull Through Tests (Insulation)
  • Comparative Membrane Delaimination Tests
  • Comparative Tensile Pull-Through Tests (Membrane)