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Leading the Way in Photovoltaic Solutions

Leading the Way in Photovoltaic Solutions

The technology required to harness daylight and use it to generate electricity has been available to us for some time.  Harnessing this enormous energy source by designing PV systems into modern buildings can transform their eco credentials, create a sustainable power supply and bring compelling commercial benefits to the end-user or building owner. 

At Langley, by combining the very latest in PV technology and systems we have created a superior, single-source solution. Our customers benefit from a seamless service and our quality standards are assured thanks to our network of highly trained and approved contractors, all of whom are supported every step of the way by our own trusted and experienced technical team.

“While others are still wondering if solar power might offer advantages in the future,
we help you benefit from it today." 
Paul Leadley: Special Projects Manager

How it works

When light falls onto a PV module (1) an electrical field forms across the cells layers of semi-conducting materials, causing electricity to flow (8).  This is fed to an Inverter (4) which converts the Direct Current (DC) into a useble Alternating Current (AC).  The AC then flows through the Total Generation Meter (5) into the Consumer Unit (6), which powers any electrical appliances in the building, any surplus energy is fed back to the National Grid (7).


Modern PV modules do not need bright light in order to operate and will remain fully operational even under a cloudy or overcast sky.

Langley's Rack and Rail system is securely bonded with mechanically fixed pads (2) into the fabric of the roof, guaranteeing a permanent and fully watertight fixture. By incorporating the PV system at the time of roof build-up (3), you minimise the risk of costly maintenance being required due to waterproofing failure at the point of the PV fixture.

The whole PV package

The whole PV package

Langley provides a fully integrated service that transforms a leaky roof into a totally waterproof system that is guaranteed to generate electricity for 25 years. By applying a holistic approach to every project, we’re able to provide a much more effective and efficient overall solution, which can dramatically reduce risk, time, and money. 

• Initial roof survey
• Solar irradiation survey
• Design array
• Calculation of 25-year revenue potential
• CDM designers risk assessment
• Full specification service
• Installation by MCS accredited contractors
• Guarantees and warranty
• Professional indemnity up to £2m
• Implementation of software management
• Maintenance and service support

With an already enviable reputation in waterproofing, Langley knows how to integrate a PV system based on our commitment to three key elements: design integrity, high performance products and quality installation. The expertise we possess in designing, planning and installing a huge variety of roofing configurations, maximizes the efficiency of every PV project we undertake.


System design

Using the latest in analytical technology and methods, we are able to accurately assess a number of elements such as: individual sun exposure, dimension, wind loadings, climate extremes, structural movement and environmental issues, to provide a solution that is exactly right for each and every project. We are also able to evaluate the potential financial yield of an individual roof space to provide the optimum solution array.

Typical layout of a Solar PV system

Typical layout of a Solar PV system

The optimum orientation of a solar PV panel is south facing at a variable pitch of 30° - 37° angle from a flat roof; the Langley racking structure ensures the secure and accurate suspension of the panels at the highest yielding position possible.

The Feed-in-Tariff

Langley PV systems not only help to dramatically reduce carbon emissions, they can also produce a substantial long-term income.

The Feed-in Tariff system (FiT) is a Government ‘clean energy’ cash-back scheme which pays people to generate their own electricity and also pays a bonus on assumed energy fed back into the grid.  FiTs are guaranteed for 25 years from the date of commissioning they system and will be paid by all electricity providers.


We believe the importance of getting a project right first time, every time, should never be underestimated. That is why we have always looked to form alliances with only the very best installers across the UK, who are constantly monitored in the areas of quality workmanship and contract management.
• All our contractors are MCS accredited
• We have been ISO 9001 registered since 2002
• Every project is backed by technical support that is second to none.

The Insurance Backed Guarantee

As part of our drive for excellence, it is a Langley policy to assist contractor selection, as well as to monitor ongoing projects to ensure compliance with the criteria of our Independent Insurance-Backed Guarantees, which can cover a period of up to 25 years.  Langley also carries Professional Indemnity Insurance (PI) on our roofing designs for any one claim up to £2 million.

To discuss your PV requirements, contact a Langley representative on 01327 708990 or