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Bitumen Shingles a history

Bitumen Shingles a history

In 1963 in the United States, bitumen shingles were first patented. In the 1960's these shingles reached Europe and in 1964 Siplast filed the first patent for bitumen shingles with glass fibre reinforcement, a process that was then picked up by American manufacturers.

Each year in Europe, about 10 million m² of roof are covered with bitumen shingles.  In 1998 all European bitumen shingle manufacturers joined together in a Europe Technical Committee and drafted a European standard: EN 544 that was transposed into all countries of the European Union.

Langley are the sole supplier in the UK of Siplast manufactured shingles, known the UK market as Strip Slates. The range consists of the Versite and Toisite products.


Architectural Possibilities

Thanks to their considerable diversity in shape, colour, along with their specific properties, Versite and Toisite Striop Slates (Shingles) are suitable for all architectural designs, bith for new buildings and renovation in all climates.

  • Roofs of all slopes including low-gradient starting at 20%
  • Roofs with a long span and variable slope
  • Roofs with complex shapes
  • Roofs with colour effects

Why Specify Strip Slates?

Traditional and Proven Materials.  Glass fibre reinforced bitumen shingles have been made and sold in France for more than 30 years, the Versite product complies with EN 544 standard,Toisite process is covered by technical approval from C.S.T.B since 1981.

Long Lasting Materials.  Thanks to their natural and rot proof components (bitumen, limestone, glass mat, slate chips, ceramic granules or copper foil).

Resistant Materials.  Excellent resistance to freezing, hail and sleet, excellent wind resistance, fire reaction: M3 (France), Class A (USA), DIN 4102 (Germany), treatment against fungi, algae, lichens and mosses.

Professional Materials.  Installation adapted to complex roof shapes, easy cutting and shaping.

Harmonious Materials.  A choice of forms and colours to perfectly fit regional particularities.



Standard bitumen shingle with anti-moss treatment for roofing on slopes greater than 20%.  Versite is a new bitumen shingle containing a cut-out array of 5 tabs with proportions close to those of traditional roofing tiles and slates.

Versite Composition

Versite Composition

  1. Glass mat reinforcement
  2. A body of impermeable bitumen embedding material
  3. Protection of the fusible face by mineral surfacing which includes anti-moss treatnment
  4. Self adhesive points for bonding the shingles together
  5. Protection of the lower face by mineral surfacing (silica)


Premier bitumen shingle, square, half-round, oval-shaped with treatment against fungi, algae, lichens and mosses for roofing on slopes of greater than 30 or 40%.

Toisite Composition

Toisite Composition

  1. Protection of the visible face by mineral surfacing which includes treatment against fungi, algae, lichens and mosses.  Or copper foil
  2. A body of impermeable bitumen mortar embedding material inserted between two glass fibre reinforcements
  3. Bitumen surfacing binder laid on the outside face of each reinforcement
  4. Protection for the lower face film, or cork granules for copper faced


The Versite colour range consists of 11 traditional colours which harmonise with traditional materials and 3 contemporary colours in the brightest pure colours for contemporary architects.

The Toisite colour range consistes of 7 colours from the traditional range.