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Veral (Metal Faced)

High Quality Metal Faced Waterproofing Products

The Veral metal faced range of products are capsheets predominantly used for the waterproofing of sloping roofs and used principally on two-layer waterproofing systems on all roof decks. 

The Veral range gives the clients a product that has a large range of facing choices to suit many applications and designs, long product life, high resistence to cracking, insensitivity to thermal shock and an excellent fire rating.



  • Cap Sheet for the waterproofing of sloping roofs in concrete, metaldeck, wood.
  • Waterproofing of upstands, gutters, pipe penetrations and other roof details.
  • Two-layer waterproofing systems on all roof decks.
  • Waterproofing on non underground resevoirs.
Product Description

Product Description

• SBS electric bitumen binder.
• Glass mesh + glass mat reinforcement.
• 0.08 mm aluminium or copper foil facings.
• 0.05 mm stainless steel foil facing.
• Fusible film on the underside.

Our Veral products are made up of a SBS elastomeric bitumen binder with glass mesh and glass mat re-inforcement and a fusible film on the underside.  Facing options are either a 0.08 mm aluminium or coper foil or 0.05 mm stainless steel foil, both with an expansion compensation system.


Colour Options

Copper and stainless steel come in natural metal finish only, aluminium can be coloured to suit preferences, subject to availability. (White, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Light Green, Dark Green, Dark Red)