Supracoating RLV

Supracoating RLV, introduced to complement Langley’s existing range of systems, is a Bitumen Polyurethane two coat liquid waterproofing specifically designed to execute awkward detail flashing applications, irregular roof shape penetrations and to reduce fire risk against details that cannot accept traditional hot torch or hot air applied products. It can be integrated with various roofing systems.

System components: • Supracoating RLV • Parathane Solvent • Parathane MAT • Parathane Mastic


  • Component product within the Supracoating RLV Detail Flashing System
  • For difficult/awkward waterproofing flashings and shapes where conventional methods are not practical
  • When torching is too dangerous or forbidden at high fire risk detail areas
  • Can be used within new-build and refurbishment construction
  • Suitable for all base construction substrate surfaces
  • On certain types of thermal insulation boards
  • On old waterproofing systems (felt & asphalt)
  • Patch repairs on mineral finished membranes or asphalt


Further Information

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